• Revit Architecture


Courses taken in Architectural Software field

Revit Architecture 2018
(Civil House- 2016)

Auto cad 2D & 3D 2018
(Tehran Institute of Technology- 2004)

Sketch-up 2018
(Tehran Institute of Technology- 2009)

3D-Max 2016 +V-ray
(Tehran Institute of Technology- 2010)


DIALux (Model creation and Measuring the light and brightness)
(Mazinoor- 2001)

MSP Project Management
(Tehran Institute of Technology- 2011)

Courses taken in Management field

EMBA Level of Organizational Behavior Management

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2013)


Principles of Management and Supervision

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2014)


EFQM Excellence Model

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2013)


Introduction to MSI 5S

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2010)


Mutual Recognition- TA1

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2017)


Required Attitudes for System Thinking

(Modiran Iran 2011)


Introduction to DISC’s Model of Behavior

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2016)


EFQM Assessor Training

(Prometric 2016)


Project Control

(Tehran Institute of Technology 2011)


Knowledge Management

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2013)


Proceeding from evaluation of individual performance to organizational performance management

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2013)


Basic Principles of Negotiation

(Payeh Rizane Rahkar haie Faragir)


Introduction to the principles of Documenting the Quality Management System

(Tezlabs Educational Unit 2012)

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